Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reverb10: December 18: Try

Following a link from Gretchen Rubin at the Happiness Project, I found the Reverb10 site, which encourages us to spend each day of December looking back at 2010 and thinking about what we want in our lives in 2011, through daily prompts. Since I started nine days late, I'm not going to write about all of them, but I think I'll write now about one that sings to me. 

Reverb10: December 18 – Try. What do you want to try next year? Is there something you wanted to try in 2010? What happened when you did / didn’t go for it?

I'd love to learn to dance, and I'd like to dance more. I've always wanted to take a dance class,  to learn the more formal dances because I think some of them are cool. Also, I'm not very physically confident, so formal dancing makes me a bit nervous. I think it would be good for me and open up possibilities for me to do something that demands a certain measure of physical coordination. And with a dance partner, too! 

In 2010 I wanted to do this and also wanted to learn spanish. I think spanish will take more of a commitment and hardcore studying/experiences (like taking an immersion course in Mexico), and I'm not quite ready for that yet. I actually did take spanish class in 2009, because I've always loved the language, but the class I took was too easy. So I decided to enroll in conversational spanish, but that was too hard. So then I just focused on other things. But I'd still like to be able to converse at least minimally in spanish. I mean aside from asking for more beer.

In 2010, I tried to learn to play acoustic guitar, but before I got very far, I changed the strings and I broke the G string, so the guitar has been sitting in my office for the entire year. I've had "buy a new guitar string" on my to-do list forever. In 2011, I really would like to buy a new G string. Take however you want to :-)

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Dan said...

That sounds very provocative! Let go for 2011. Sounds great. I love your new found blogging. Thanks for digging so deep, it makes your words valuable to all of us.