Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Walk in the Park

Walking in the park, swirls of life all around me, and me swirling also, in the dance of the universe. The birds making flashing patterns inches above the shining, swelling water are not different than me; the eagle's wings flap once, pushing air that goes into my lungs and is absorbed into my body.

The other beings, people, dogs, birds, a tiny garter snake, the purple flowers that dot the green, as I pass them all the infinite possibilities in our meeting take place at once and then are gone; the smell of the Eucalyptus grove brings back memories of wandering similar groves as a child and my childhood self is there with me, too, not different than I am now, not gone, but there with me.

I walk on a road of green, my hips pushing my feet forward, the feet crushing or not crushing the plants, the plants springing back or not behind me. The light glistens on the grasses and leaves, we, all of us, who are all one, tremble, shimmer, and dance together and merge.

All the beings I have met are there, and the shy half-seen smiles of the ones I have yet to meet. Time and space in a loop, no past, no future. Only Everything. Now, at once.

I pass four shimmering doves and they erupt into flight, and for a split second, time freezes, like the space between the outbreath and in....snapshot. Then the world start up again, like a film projector, the breeze, the women walking their dogs, the hummingbird, the new and tender calla lilies.

Everything is perfect.

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Dan said...

Everything IS perfect in that elusive "Here and Now", Love the feeling from this blog...