Thursday, March 25, 2010

In love

The lovers part


And I crave solitude the way

A starving man craves Food

I lie in bed

Only silence

In the darkness I feel the sadness

Once so overwhelming

Now contains pinpricks of radiant light


The pointed rock in my belly

Begins to radiate love in all directions

The supernova expands

My whole body feels warm and light

I am floating

In the darkness

My eyes open and I laugh in wonder

At having found my Bright Beloved

One of those (how many do we get in a lifetime? )

Who will always be connected to me

Always has been been

Since before we both were born

What a Miracle!

I reach out to him with the energy of my being

And feel him there, his sadness

I hug him to me and whisper comfort

I don’ t know if that’s his pain or mine

There is no difference

In the darkness, everything around me

Speaks of love

The hum of the refrigerator


The warmth of the blankets


My Beloved’s silence, his absence


My loneliness


The tic-toc of the rain starting


In the sounds of the first raindrops

I think I hear him enter my home

With his key

He’s there, for a brief moment

I listen for him

Then he’s gone

Our love joins Love

The dark underground river that runs under our feet

Silent but unceasing

Containing all that is Love

The anger, pain, sadness,

The joy, laughter, communion

The light touch in passing

The jealous heat

The small gifts

The broken promises

The moments of electric connection

Our love swirls like water

Joining all the other lovers

Coming together

Then parting

Like waves on a shallow beach

The sands hiss

He recedes again

I whisper his name but for once

Don’t reach for him

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