Monday, January 12, 2009

What I believe

  • That everything that has come before this – in our personal lives and in the world – happened in order to prepare us for this moment.
  • That we all have a shared responsibility to create a world that nurtures and supports all beings, even the people we disagree with, and even the people we don’t understand.
  • That being truly open to and accepting of another person is the most difficult thing we can do.
  • With the exception of being totally open to and accepting of ourselves
  • That love is a daily practice and that we have the opportunity to practice it in every second, with everyone we meet.
  • That all of it’s worthless if we can’t also laugh and play and be silly
  • That rules were meant to be broken, or at least twisted.
  • That hate, resentment, guilt and self-righteousness are the most useless of emotions, unless we can learn from them.
  • That the important thing is not what mistakes we make, but what we do with the lessons.
  • That it’s okay to be afraid.
  • That the hardest moments of our lives are also the ones that include the most profound seeds of growth
  • That no situation is a problem, just an opportunity to learn.
  • That there is no such thing as perfection, only the pursuit of balance
  • That we all have things to teach each other, and things to learn from each other
  • That if we ever stop growing, we’ll die – or we might as well.

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