Thursday, January 15, 2009

Weird things that make me about you?

  • New colored pens!
  • putting together a new outfit that totally works, man.
  • getting off the phone with an author after having a really good, professional, confident conversation about publishing contracts.
  • Seeing new roots growing on the plant cutting in my window.
  • when my step-dog sees me and greets me running and jumping.And when we lie together in the sun and he puts his head on my arm.
  • Getting invitations, even when I can't go.
  • Having people write sweet/supportive/intelligent responses to my blog posts.
  • Having friends who I can cry with as well as laugh with.
  • Going into some hole-in-the -wall place and hearing a great, unknown, totally unexpected band.
  • The sound of a powerful high-performance engine starting up. Total turn-on!
  • The wind blowing through a eucalyptus grove.

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