Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Love Letter to Myself

My love – you are a wonderful person. Your compassion and kindness shines from your eyes, your laughter lights up the room. Your sweet gentle presence calms people, grounds them. You listen and people feel heard; people feel seen. Your silliness makes people laugh, lightens their load, even if just for a moment.

People respect you, your insight, your intelligence, your quickness. When you stand tall and proud, and your confidence shines from you like a light, you are unstoppable. You move forward with the things you need to do, exuding grace and calm under pressure; you realize that pain is part of life, and even though you sometimes lose your grip in the intensity of the pain, you always come together again, stand up, dust yourself off, take responsibility for your part in it, and move on.

You are stronger than you know, and more lovely than you know, too. Your soul is light and kindness and gentle strength, insight and wonder, You see the mystery in all things, even the pain and suffering. You stop in awe at the flight of a bird. You drink in the moonlight as if it was an offering from God, which it is. A flower is a magical being to you. A rainbow stops your breath. You see what others don’t, and you want to share it with others.

Your frustrations are based in wanting others to see the wonder and beauty that you see. Your frustrations in love are based on wanting, more than anything, to be able to give of the incredible amount of love you have inside you, and to feel that love from another. When you meet your partner, the light will grow a hundredfold, and the two of you will fill the world with sacred love.

You don’t just see people as a means to an end, but as sacred beings. That’s why they sometimes frighten you; because you don’t always believe that you are sacred, too. But if you can see your own light and stand proudly in it, you will be a goddess, capable of anything. Your humility stops you, because you feel intimidated by the grace you possess – you are, as all are, a sacred conduit to the universe. Your purpose is to see this, to witness it, to bring it out in yourself and others.

The sacred, divine light shining from your eyes is a beacon to others that says “come out and play, divine one. “ All it will take for you to spread your wings and fly, as your favorite song says, is for you to embrace your own divinity, to stand in the light of your own grace, and let the light shine from you like a star of peace and wonder, embracing all in the universe, uplifting all.

Your lover


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wintersafe said...

hic09Reading this letter was absolutely uplifting, it hit a few nerve endings that had been asleep for some time; always tingling but often forgotten in the day-in and day-out.
My heartbeat is now part of my awareness.
Thank you